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Startups Shook up the Sleepy Razor Market. What's Next?
Posted by: Manufacturing Net Blogs | 236 day(s) ago
What do you hate shopping for? Toothpaste? Diaper rash cream? Sunscreen? The guys who founded Harry's shaving club spend a lot time thinking about this question. Armed with $112 million in new financing, the online startup that took on razor giants Gillette and Schick with its direct-to-consumer subscription model is investigating what other...
How Do Successful Companies Connect Their Global Workforce?
Posted by: The Manufacturer (UK) | 237 day(s) ago
The success of large organisations is increasingly down to the ability of employees to leverage communication and productivity-enhancing tools to work collaboratively, regardless of distance or time. Thanks to the advent of digital, internet-enabled technologies, the world has never been more connected; yet our ability to create deep, meaningful...
Earn an Ergonomics Certification from UK Lean Systems
 This course covers both Ergonomics and Lean and teaches you to integrate the two. If you practice Lean without consideration of ergonomic issues– your success is compromised by both elements. Learn more about our course>> For more information – Sandra Dunn 859-257-9162.
Speeding up Delivery and Service for the Holidays? It's Time to Make Your Move - Now.
Posted by: Newcastle Systems, Inc. | 237 day(s) ago
With inventories bulging from summer shipments coming in for the holidays, Distribution Centers everywhere are gearing up for the peak retail season. Historically the last four months of the year generate about 60% of a typical retailers’ annual sales, which also means this is the season where many businesses earn their real profit for the year....
Golden Rules for a Successful Kaizen
Posted by: A Lean Journey | 238 day(s) ago
An essential element in Lean thinking is Kaizen. Kaizen is the Japanese word for continuous improvement or change for the better. It’s a tool to make work easier, safer, and more productive by studying a process, identifying waste, and applying small incremental improvements that ensure the highest quality. As no process can ever be declared...
Inside Quality Digest Live for September 21, 2018
Posted by: Quality Digest | 238 day(s) ago
IMTS was a blast, but it was great to be back home in lovely Northern California this week. On this episode of QDL, we covered the skills that workers need and the innovations that organizations want. Plus, we brought you a live interview with author Mark Graban, and one on tape from Burt Mason of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence captured at...
No Space to Think
Posted by: Lean Enterprise Institute | 238 day(s) ago
Do you have enough people? The answer from most leaders encountered by Tracey and Ernie Richardson, LEI faculty members is “no.” “So we come back and say, ‘Okay, how many people do you really need?’” Ernie says. “They can’t really answer that question.” The reason is often that people are so busy firefighting, they don’t have the “space to...
Carlsen, Gretzky, and You
Posted by: Target Online Original Story | 235 day(s) ago
World chess champion Magnus Carlsen can think five to ten moves ahead, with about five variations on each of those. I can barely figure out my move, much less the response of my opponent. I guess I have the element of surprise going for my chess game. Hockey great Wayne Gretzky is quoted...
Have You Seen Tim Woods Today?
Posted by: A Lean Journey | 236 day(s) ago
Employees want to do their best, sometimes the system or process does not position them to be successful. At times, it can be difficult for employees to see the forest for the trees. Sometimes they cannot see past the mounds of work at hand. This is why Lean Thinking shifts the viewpoint from a worker-centric vantage to the eyes of the customer....
Three Tips for Taking on Digital Transformation
Posted by: Manufacturing Net Blogs | 236 day(s) ago
Instituting change in large organizations can seem like a thankless task with insurmountable challenges, only slightly easier than sending a rocket to Mars. But with the rewards of digital transformation so bountiful, the destination more than pays for the pain of the journey. Since digital transformation can mean an awful lot of things, to...
Three Ways to Lead More Effective Teams
Posted by: Quality Digest | 238 day(s) ago
In defense of structure, planning, and clarity Team leaders often focus on product details. Founders obsess over fonts. Sales managers fixate on tough-to-wrangle customers and shop owners on the minutia of shelf displays. Yet, all too often, virtually no attention is given to the fundamental driver of business success: team dynamics. Behind...
Open Innovation: The Food & Drink Companies Unlocking Ideas Through Collaboration
Posted by: The Manufacturer (UK) | 241 day(s) ago
A consortium of food and drink companies is successfully working together to harness the potential of ‘open innovation’. Dominic Oughton, principal industrial fellow at the Institute for Manufacturing, explains why this collaborative approach to innovation is a compelling strategy for FMCG businesses and others. The companies most likely to...
Use Lean Development Principles to Avoid "Traveling Hopefully" Down the Wrong Path
Posted by: Lean Enterprise Institute | 236 day(s) ago
The team was rightly proud of the work they had done in creating an obeya space to manage their project, and their excitement was obvious in their faces as we gathered around their schedule wall. But just as obvious were the unpleasant “surprises” that awaited them during the course of their project. I could see those nasty surprises lurking in...
What Does the Allergy Epidemic Mean for Food Manufacturers?
Posted by: Manufacturing Net Blogs | 241 day(s) ago
Research by the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) suggests that peanut allergies in children has increased by 21 percent since 2010. Food allergies are a growing public health concern, and one that the food processing industry must respond to. Miguel Campos, export sales manager at food packaging supplier Advanta...
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